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      Mission Statement

      Our mission is to deliver made to order goods in the form of art prints, activewear, loungewear, and swimwear. We use top manufacturers for all of our available products and apparel lines from Printful, le galeriste, and Art of Wear. We have created an infrastructure allowing other businesses to create wholesale orders and custom merch. The made to order feature is extremely beneficial for us because we don't have to carry warehouses full of stock, so every item is uniquely yours.

      What inspires me?

      Things that fill my heart with joy, the sights so beautiful I well with tears. The music that gives me goosebumps, because the emotions in her voice can be heard. Changing light after the storm, when the sun peaks through the cloud cover to reveal a new yellow world and the birds sing again. A shimmering light of a sunrise over water, and the reflected lights in the opposite horizon making all the clouds turn a shades of pastel pink yellow and violet. Simple quiet moments, balanced with bursting energy. A full moon shining like a spotlight through my window on a clear eve, bright enough to wake me in the night. The shortness of breath that comes from hiking where the air is thin, because it forces you to pause, to slow down, and to remain humble as I remember that I am human. I am inspired by bright contrasting colors and mixing patterns. The daring patterns of modern fashion with repeated emblems. The patterns that are found in nature, the way a tree's limbs echo the human circulatory system. The way wet on wet mediums mix and blend and bleed and spread. How ink spreads when it hits the water, or how cream swirls into coffee so perfectly.

      What is my creative process?

      When beginning a painting I choose a fluid cloud in the background and in the foreground an ethereal figure comes out of the dust, feeling dream like, psychedelic, and surreal. Dripping inks and different water down acrylic paints onto a clean canvas and watching them move and mix with every stroke of my brush I push the excess paint around and it mixes with the still tacky gesso. Loose figures are created and this way. In the next phase I use a different technique for the details, outlines, and blocks of color around the form.  When I am painting go into a meditative state and I work quickly. I pick my color combinations based on contrast and chroma. Sometimes exact opposites in the traditional color wheel. I use the theory of color representing emotion. One of my goals with creating art is for people to feel good when they look at the work. I want to create objects of beauty not in a traditional sense but in a sense where there is a dreamworld where color dictates action. I want you to remember your zest for life.

      Why am I doing this?

      I create art because its a beautiful experience, and to have a creative release. I started my business to enhance living spaces, and to experience the joy of seeing happy customers when I install a painting for them. Art has always been in my life, and the times it wasn't were the darkest. I started creating art again in 2016, then it was enough to create abstract forms with inks and dyes, and people were buying the work. Then almost suddenly, it wasn't enough. I had pushed myself beyond that in an ongoing practice. In my current body of work, My goal is to tell the story of how I found peace from personal demons, and traumas through creating these forms, expression through color, and collage medias.

      Why does this matter?

      People want to relate to each other and often do through sharing struggles, breaking cycles of generational trauma, healing together, breaking cycles of abuse, acknowledging our flaws and weaknesses. I want people to learn they can heal themselves, but before they even begin to do that they have to be kind to themselves, and we have to do that through awareness and empathy. The ironic thing about a lot of our struggles, for many of us being strong and resilient isn't a choice, it’s some thing that we had to become to survive. It’s part of the story now. We live in a complicated world that is filled with fear and anxiety. It seems authority and media want us to be afraid. Then we stand up to assert ourselves, and we are constantly victimized. Additionally, there’s the societal pressure to be on a certain timeline as we grow up and mature. We are expected to look and behave a certain way... many of us with histories of abuse, or mental illness it feels impossible to fit into this box. The subject matters and narratives in my collages are based on these unrealistic standards of beauty and behavior. How these standards are harmful because they create anxiety for the majority of the population who don’t fit that standard.