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      "Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art." - Andy Warhol

      Art is self care, art is love, art is therapy. I have come to love the above quote as a motto for my art practice. Art is a practice, like anything if you don't use it, it slowly fades away to oblivion.

      We Believe that everyone is an artist, but somewhere along the way whether as a child or teen, someone said, that's a waste of time or you're not good at that, or something of the like. Then the person decided art was not for them and forgot about it. Many people think that artists are born with ability, but talent is pursued interest. The professional artists and creatives I know didn't wake up one day with art degrees and abilities. Its a muscle that you work out, and flex. It takes dedication and patience, like a sport or any other activity. People have been making marks to tell stories since the beginning of time, why would you deprive yourself of that ability?

      A funny thing to me is when I meet people who have abandoned their own creative practice, and scoff at famous works. Saying things like "a child could do that, or I could do that." My response is usually, "Yes probably true, but a child didn't do that. An adult who devoted themselves to their craft did that. You too can gather materials and create. If you let yourself."

      During each class and tutorial you will learn about the art history that the lesson is sourced from, a bit about the materials, how to use them, and the unexpected thing is that we learn about ourselves too. In learning to express ourselves through abstract art and creative expression we learn to let go of control, we learn to let it be. That is the therapeutic and self care piece. What is gained from these creative sessions is more than the physical art that you keep.

      My goal through these art sessions is to spread knowledge, and awaken an inspiration to create in you. 

      Available Classes and Art Sessions

      Sun Mon Thurs Fri Sat
      12pm-2pm short session Watercolor Media Fluid Drip Landscape Collage Charcoal Drawing
      Clean- up
      3pm-6pm longer session


       Session size is caped at 5, for new socially distancing standards. The Pastel Abstract welcomes all ages, abilities, and walks of life to create and practice art.