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       Commissioned Art

      When you hire The Pastel Abstract for custom artwork, we start with a consultation. In the meeting we talk about what the client wants for their vision. We discuss composition, color pallet, size, and budget. Commissioned art is priced at $2.50 per square inch. This pricing scale is for paintings, furniture surfaces, and mixed media pieces. By the end of the consultation we will have a contract and nondisclosure agreement signed. In the art commissions category the pastel abstract requires a 50% deposit to start projects.

      Once all of the above directions are decided, the beginning is creating different thumbnail drafts to choose from. This small picture becomes a model for the final artwork. The client makes a choice from these models for the final composition. In the journey between draft and final artwork. Its fun to be able to see the work being created before your eyes. Process videos are an art in themselves. 

      Final artwork photos are exchanged and artwork is shipped directly to your location. Customers are responsible for shipping costs. Turn over for a painting can be less than a week in ideal conditions.

      Custom Resin Furniture

      Resin furniture has become very popular. We have developed a culture of customization and personalization, we have learned people identify with their hobbies and want to represent their interests or favorite tastes in their work places, homes, and businesses. 

      The Pastel Abstract is available for hire to resurface, repaint, and resin your tabletop, or furniture surface. Lets start by talking about what you need, how do you envision your table, vanity, dresser, or buffet?  Day rates are available depending on the size of the project.

      Contact The Pastel Abstract