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      Frequently Asked Questions:

      How do you come up with prices?

      The price of the artwork is based on materials and size. When I became an Art Dealer 2016 the rule was a dollar per square inch. I was primarily creating fluid art works based on art chemistry and chance. Now the original artworks are priced according to time, material, technique, and size. 

      For the clothing its a little more cut and dry, we require a margin that makes the upkeep of the ecommerce store, and all software fees worth while. 

      What is your inspiration?

      Inspired by nature, science, and space. Travel and first hand experience with different cultures has been very humbling, the grounding feeling is very inspiring. We can always learn more, all collections have different sources of inspiration. 2020 has been inspired by human connection. We are in a time of turmoil in this country, and it is very inspiring to see communities come together to support each other. We cannot be islands forever.

      How do commissions work?

      A commission is a custom artwork. The client pays 50%-100% before the work is completed, and 50% when the project is resolved. We set the timeline of the project together. Its the policy of The Pastel Abstract to share process images and to keep the client abreast of the project from brainstorm to delivery and installation. For more information on commissions, visit the commission page.

      Who are these clothes for?

      Our activewear line, is meant for people on the move, but it's also perfect as loungewear. Many pieces are unisex, because we aim to be as inclusive as possible. Now we're offering a variety of plus sizes up to 6XL. The artful patterns are made with action, gusto, and with unapologetic brights. Our brand is driven by a need for comfortable, high quality loungewear, made for people who love color. If you need a size, please email us.